Win a FREE Study Edition Big Book!

Want to boost your recovery in 2019?

Everyone in recovery has struggled at some point to understand the big book. Watch this short video to see why this fancy study edition big book has everything you need to make the most of it!

So… just what does this fancy study edition big book have to offer, you ask? (beside the obvious bragging rights?)

  • 1937 dictionary with definitions so you never again have to feel confused by dated words like “Whoopee”
  • Word and subject index so you can easily find the topics you want to read, study, and discuss.
  • Blank pages with lines so you can take more notes and remember more quotes.
  • Historical footnotes so you can better understand the people and places indicated in the text.
  • Two place-keeping ribbons to help you manage multiple references and/or big book studies.

A new winner chosen every month

Your name stays in until you win

100% free to enter and free to win (I even pay for shipping)

Your choice of black or burgundy

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