Big Book Study Online

Join me every Monday Morning as I host and record this online big book study.  You can find every episode here (except week 1 which was recorded through Facebook live and can be found on the Big Book Wizard Facebook Page).

Because the number of attendees is limited by the webinar platform in use, live attendance to the online big book study meeting is limited to those that support this online meeting via Patreon.  However, the replays are free to all (and always will be).  They are made available here or, if you can’t wait for me to update this website, you can  join the Big Book Wizard Guest List and get an update every time I post a new video. Plus, I’ll send you this free gift as a way of saying “welcome”.

Either way, my hope is you’ll find this journey of discovery and exploration through the book Alcoholics Anonymous to be helpful and useful.




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